It’s That Time! The Annual Bee Informed Partnership Survey Is Live!

As a beekeeper, and as a human, we strive to improve each and every day. Some days are better than others. Some days are a step back. But the net gain, week after week, is hopefully positive.

As a beekeeper, improving is anticipating and adapting to changes in the colony: having treatments ready BEFORE they are needed, making splits BEFORE there are 10 (or more, I speak from experience) swarm cells in the colony, ordering queens BEFORE the aforementioned splits (ahem, more of that good “experience”).

But how can beekeepers know we are getting better? One way to determine improvement is by monitoring what we do, when we do it, and how that reflects the end result. That is where the Bee Informed Partnership’s (BIP) annual loss and management survey shines! We now have more than 10 years of data that correlates management practices with loss. This database grows more valuable each year BUT for it to continue to have relevancy, it also needs to adapt and anticipate changes. This year, BIP has invested significant time in improving the survey AND targeting a specific topic/issue on the management portion. This year, they are doing a deep dive into nutrition and the environment.

High winds and unusually heavy rains created the right environment for this tree to fall on this colony (good aim!) last year in Maryland after the honey flow. The colony was reassembled and overwintered just fine. Photo courtesy of Karen Rennich.

For the survey to reflect the changes we as beekeepers are adopting in our management practices, we need to hear from YOU. Please take a few minutes (mine took <30 minutes) to answer the really important questions BIP has for you. Aren’t you curious about the new survey? Help us connect the dots. Make that little step in helping all of us improve and adapt. Do this now. Let others learn from your experience.

Thank you.